You're a project network engineer.

You arrive at the office. The group calendar shows there are twenty services to migrate this week.

You've never logged in to these firewalls before.
You've never seen the services that need to be migrated before.
Each firewall is considered critical national infrastructure.
Lives could be at stake.

There's at least two other engineers on your team. There is no work scheduling or queue. You've no idea who has started work on what.

After thumbing through the 200 page LLD for the information you need, you login to the first firewall.

You issue the command show system commit to find at least two other people have committed changes to this box today. You can see at least half of the change is present in the config but due to the length and complexity, it's not immediately obvious, from the CLI, whether this change has been successful.

You catch a glimpse of the time. It's lunchtime and you've achieved nothing.


msbnet::Kompressor - https://github.com/msbnetcouk/Kompressor