Pseudowire Headend Termination – in 8 steps – PART1

PROBLEM: Swansea, Newport and Cardiff subscribers have been, temporarily, terminated on vACX hardware at those sites. The vACX routers are typically used for mobile backhaul and generally don’t have the ‘grunt’ to terminate subscribers. They don’t support per-unit-scheduling, for example. We need to get them off these routers. GOAL: Terminate all subscribers from the Access Provider at Cardiff, on to the new vMX960 at Llanelli. Juniper’s Configuring the Broadband Edge

VLAN-Based Layer 2 Circuits with EoMPLS and l2circuit

I was recently asked to set up a LAN extension for a customer. After a spot of research, I was very impressed by this particular method which I’ve illustrated below. Based on IETF RFC 4447 (Pseudowire Setup and Maintenance Using the Label Distribution Protocol).   Layer 2 services (such as Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, and Ethernet) can be “emulated” over an MPLS backbone by encapsulating the Layer 2 Protocol