The best tool for the job?

For SRE, any manual, structurally mandated operational task is abhorrent.   As a contract network engineer, I tend to move around a bit. I get to work in lots of different places with lots of different people which is quite fun. Recently, I was asked to configure a few boxes (Juniper SRXs) for a service that was being migrated. In some places, the work changes day by day but occasionally,

Pseudowire Headend Termination – PART2

As network engineers, I think it’s fair to say we like to try and spend our time making a difference? Despite being considered the ‘bread and butter’ of the Service Provider world, provisioning and decommissioning are two areas that can still demand our attention. More specifically: Connecting subscribers from remote POPs or external access providers. Applying the necessary limiters to sub-rate services. Upgrading or downgrading subscriber services. VLAN and/or IP